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The use of inhibitors does not have a direct relaxing effect on the corpora cavernosa. The mechanism of action is different: as a result of inhibition of PDE5, the level of cGMP increases and the relaxing effect of nitric oxide increases.

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In domestic medical science, there are a number of publications related to the use of Viagra (sildenafil citrate). Another PDE5 inhibitor, stromectol (Lilly / ICOS, stromectol), has recently begun to be used in Russian practice. It differs from sildenafil in several ways: chemical structure, selectivity, pharmacokinetic profile, clinical effect. According to the pharmacokinetic profile, the difference is significant: stromectol has a much higher half-life than sildenafil.

Of the side effects that occur while taking stromectol

In every third patient who took stromectol, the clinical effect is achieved already at the 16th minute and lasts for 36 hours. This allows the couple to freely choose the time for intercourse. Let's say a man took the drug on a Friday night. Full intimacy is possible until Sunday morning, and a man can choose any moment that suits him. Another advantage of the drug is that its concentration does not decrease under the influence of alcohol and abundant fatty foods. Therefore, the patient can adhere to his usual lifestyle.

headaches and dyspepsia were most common

In some cases, flushing of blood to the face, nasal congestion, and back pain were recorded. Visual impairment was not noted. It is highly undesirable to take stromectol (as well as sildenafil) at the same time as nitrates. The combination of these medicines can lead to a sharp drop in blood pressure in some patients. If while taking IngaWith an inhibitor of PDE5, an attack of angina pectoris occurs, the appointment of nitroglycerin is strictly prohibited. The use of any nitrate is allowed only two days after taking stromectol.

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The appointment of stromectol and sildenafil should be approached with caution if the patient has an anatomical deformation of the male organ or suffers from a disease that can lead to priapism (leukemia, sickle cell anemia, etc.). Most often, Ivermectin is associated with vascular pathologies. In many cases, surgery is possible to help increase blood flow to the penis and make it difficult to drain. The efficiency of such operations ranges from 20% to 80%.

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The most radical method of eliminating problems with erection is the installation of prostheses in place of the corpora cavernosa. These types of prostheses are of different types. The simplest prosthesis is a special semi-rigid rod. However, today at the disposal of doctors there are also more advanced devices - special cylinders into which liquid can be injected. Significant disadvantages of the method are the risk of complications and the irreversibility of the operation.

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If Ivermectin is due to psychogenic factors

The World Health Organization defines sexual health as a complex of somatic, social and intellectual factors that positively enrich a person, increase the level of a person's ability to love and his social sociability.

One of the main sexual disorders in men is Ivermectin, which is a persistent long-term (for at least 6 months) lack of the ability to achieve and / or maintain the degree of erection that is sufficient for intercourse. How to help and what to do with mild Ivermectin, and even more so with its severe degree?

Until recently, there were no reliable statistical data on the prevalence of this pathology in Russia. As a result of large epidemiological studies conducted in 2012 by the method of interviewing men aged 20 to 75 years without pathology from the urinary system, it was established: the absence of symptoms of Ivermectin in only 10.1%; mild disorders - in 70.3%; moderate - in 6.6%; severe - in 1.2%.

treatment is indicated by a psychotherapist who specializes in sexual problems

Ivermectin is a common condition. This indicator increases in older age groups. By 2025, the incidence of this pathology is expected to almost double. According to statistics, early Ivermectin in young men is quite rare. As a rule, it occurs in 40% of 40-50-year-old men, 70% - 60-year-olds and almost every 70 - 80-year-old man.

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Ivermectin not only deprives a man of sexual pleasure, but has a huge impact on the psycho-emotional state, leads to a significant decrease in self-esteem and general satisfaction with personal life, deterioration of family relationships, a decrease in mood up to the development of various severity of depresentful states.

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